Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fringe break

Time for a Fringe break and I have finally caught up on the show and podcast.
The last episode before this break was huge, s04e14 end of all things.
Finally some explanations, about the observer september and nina, explaining what happened to peter, more about jones and olivia's powers.
There was so much packed in this episode, as it seems this season has been.
Feels like it is finally pulling things together (even after the whole universe vs timeline confusion), tying back to the first season even.
I really appreciate it, especially with the rumors of it being cancelled.
I'm sure it's bound to happen soon enough, same with Supernatural, and I can only hope good shows appear at some point to replace them. Those are definitely my top running scifi shows.
I can look forward to rewatching it all at some point too.
But for now I am hoping for a 5th season, even if shortened to give it a proper ending.

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