Thursday, September 8, 2011

Reading about Aliens?

I fairly recently finished a Dean Koontz novel, The Taking.
I found it at a bookstore (yes a real one with a real musty old paper/glue smell) for $3. After arriving home I thought about the purchase and expected I could find the book cheaper online. I was surprised to find it more expensive by $1 at Amazon, mainly for the shipping cost.
This was a crazy wild ride to read, keeping me wondering.
Basically there are some weird events happening that appear to be aliens invading, or demons, or both.
It all begins with hard rain falling constantly (apparently sucked up from the ocean) with various strange tastes/scents in the rain water.
I enjoyed reading descriptions of the rain when it was actually raining outside.
But then there is a strange feeling of something moving in the sky, a pressure coming down.
And more weird events. A dense fog ceiling. People disappearing or being attacked and killed, gruesome. Corpses reanimating. People floating through floors/ceilings.
And even weirder. UFOs flying overhead. Strange mushrooms with tentacles / people's faces inside, some moving around. Houses acting alive with creatures in their walls. Alien beings stealing people's faces in their hands. Characters/children being safe from the aliens.
I think the first half made some sense. A couple trying to survive. End of the world. Crazy weather. Spirits or zombies, aliens or demons.
But the second half seemed cluttered with all these different ideas that somehow evaporated at the end, literally.
So I enjoyed that it's an end of the world story with action and mystery, but not so much how it mixes in the grand question I think it's asking in the end. Is it possible that our ideas of aliens and demons, other universes and hell, could be one in the same? I'm sure after knowing this, it's probably better on the second read.

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