Tuesday, October 4, 2011

JavaOne Day 3

The first real day of JavaOne will all day presentations/session.
Up at 6am and out to catch but at 7am to get down to moscone and walk up to the javaone keynote.
Best and most interesting part of keynote was Mark Reinhold's with code snippets for new Java 7 features.

After this I skipped the Spring to Java EE session at 11am (and apparently didn't miss much) to get some breakfast finally.
Walked back down to the little bird coffeehouse and got another breakfast sandwich and oj. good as usual.

Then another great presentation by Adam Bien for the Java EE cool parts session. Fun, actually got me laughing. A lot of the EE features discussed sounded like Spring to me, so the shootout later this week should be good.

Next we walk down to oracle world for a weblogic applications session. This was a super fast run through using Maven to build and the Maven weblogic plugin to deploy, doing these same steps in Eclipse, and setting up this Maven build in Hudson (deployed on weblogic) using Subversion.
Most people in the session had not used and did not even know what Maven was (ugg).
We went through the PDF steps on our own, which was the only way to get through it all during the session.

On my way back, stopped at Loving Hut downstairs at a mall foodcourt. Was so excited to get to an all vegan place. I ordered the sandwich, tenders and fries, and a cupcake to go. Threw it in my bag to eat a little later.

Next was JAX-RS 2.0 session. I was mixed on it, some good new features that I found use but nothing surprising or too exciting. For example, I would use the bean validation integration to replace my custom validation, and possibly also async.

I finally sat down and ate my loving hut food for dinner.

Then I caught the end of the NFL performance session. Interesting things, I enjoyed it. Talked about use of Spring LazyDataSource to avoid checks for available database connection, using specific type in hql query when using inheritance to avoid many joins (like 12), adding indexes in the database for often used functions on columns (upper).

I went up to one of the ballrooms where I expected the Jersey session to be. Caught the end of the Jigsaw presentation when it was on Q&A. This was a bit rough with comparisons to OSGI. A lot of the talk reminded me of Maven (repos, dependencies, version ranges). I am interested to see this added if only for OpenMRS to be using a standard module system (jmod).

Finally the last session of the day at 7pm was for Jersey new features. Again nothing too exciting. Disappointed by avoiding to talk about the async server side and just plugged going to another presentation later to hear about it, and also that most of the talk was on WADL. The JAX-RS and Jersey talks were almost stepping on each others toes with the talk of async.

Back on the bus and back to the hotel.

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