Saturday, October 8, 2011

JavaOne Day 7

Traveling back home.

Checked out of the hotel.
Took the cable car at 7:15am to head back downtown with my luggage.

Hopped on the BART train that was about to leave.
Rode it for a while but had to switch to continue.
Really had to pee.
Finally was able to after I arrived at the airport.

Walked around looking at the long lines for international flights before realizing I was in the wrong area (and glad, since I didn't want to wait in that line).

Quick ride on the airport air train, walk to the domestic flights check-in.
Found also long lines, probably even longer than international.
I was also to get into a shorter line for only checking baggage by using my mobile boarding pass.
Then I was thankfully moved to a shorter security line, after a bit of a walk.
The security line was moving along and I went through the screening super fast.

Walked and found my terminal.
Picked up 2 bagels (sadly no jelly this time) and an OJ at the nearby cafe. Kept the bag to eat later.
Then sat and waited for my flight.

Flight from California is of course long just like before (5-6 hours).
I watched two movies (Green Lantern and the Prestige) with no audio on someone else's screen ahead of me (in between falling asleep). Also ate my food and read a little of my book.
Prestige made no sense to me, mostly confusing. I'll have to rewatch Green Lantern sometime, I missed chunks of that.

Arrived in New Jersey. Walked to my terminal.
Found my flight was delayed 1 hour.
Coded on laptop listening to music for a bit.
Moved after terminal was changed.
Then the flight was delayed even more, almost 2 hours.
Walked around looking for food, found a pizzaria. Picked up penne marinara and apple juice.
Went back to the terminal, played some Terraria listening to Enter Shikari until the laptop battery was empty.

Finally flew back to Portland.
Listened to the Cutting the Cable Podcast.
Got a ginger ale to drink even though I said "I'm good"

Arrived at the Portland Jetport. Waited for baggage.
Called a taxi (the same company from my travel out).
Directed the way back home (no GPS?).
Had to pay with credit card over the phone (driver didn't like this, strange since the other driver on my way out was fine with it).

Finally I was home just before 1 AM.
I had a package arrive in the mail. I opened it and found a free GSOC 2011 tshirt to add to my JavaOne collection.

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