Saturday, February 19, 2011

Superman! Reading, Comics, Shows

Mixed on latest reading from the library.
Breakpoint by Richard Clark was okay. I especially liked the first half or so where the US internet infrastructure is attacked and largely cutoff from the rest of the world. That felt believable, but I'm less inclined to believe the genetic/biologic advancements which dominated the second half.
The Fahrenheit 451 graphic novel was also just okay.
The All Star Superman #1 graphic novel was okay, I especially liked the older version of Lex.

So on the same topic of Superman, I've seen videos of DC Universe Online and it sounds fun to create your own hero/villain, although I don't play subscription games.

So also on the topic of Superman, apparently Lex will be returning for the finale of Smallville!
Also In TV shows, I've been catching up on Fringe on Hulu and still enjoying it.
I hope the new Battlestar is good and makes up for Caprica (still haven't finished, lost interest).

I still haven't read Walking Dead #81 yet, but I glanced at the letter hacks and was surprised.
The earlier mentioned letter hack I wrote in was actually printed!

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  1. I really can't imagine reading Bradbury as a graphic novel.