Monday, January 10, 2011

Lego Walking Dead

I stumbled upon this lego alternate ending (and its own alternate) for episode 1 in season 1 of the Walking Dead tv show, where Rick is attacked on horseback by a zombie horde in Atlanta.

Looking forward to seeing season 2, despite the CDC blunder at the end of the first season, since I am a committed reader of the comics.

Glad to see issue #80 finally out this past week, in a different month and year than its original release date. This just reminded me to go grab it now that it's available.

I haven't read it yet, but I did check the letter hacks and was a little disappointed not to see mine. Not that it was all that interesting, here is the first part of it:
Dedicated reader writing in for the first time. I just finished issue 79 and I am excited for No Way Out. I especially enjoyed the snow since it hits home for me. I could never see enough zombie survival in winter. On that note, have you seen Pontypool?
I noticed that the first snowfall was in issue 5 which ends in line with the latest episode 4 of the TV show. Coincidence? Robert, awesome job on episode 4. Sina, I agree the show is great and the casting is spot on. Glad to hear it is being received so well and even featured as best new show on the cover of EW.

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