Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Story of a Dying Computer: Part 1

A mix of old and new, broken by time
Part replaced within the last 3 months, including cpu/motherboard/memory
This was assuming either the mobo or cpu was dead
It was freezing randomly, more often
Then no video and would not post on startup, also mobo led counter stopped working
After these were replaced (just parts, didn't clean and reinstall OS), it worked fine again for a bit
Have not replaced hard drive, power supply, fans, or dvd drive since original build over 5 years ago

Initially I noticed viruses had infected it
These were caught and diffused but they left a trail behind them
Random names that could not be identified, installed as services/drivers
Remaining in the registry and logged as errors (failing to run on startup)

The system would reboot at the same time daily apparently, and also at random times
I noticed the daily reboot was during the virus scan
The blue screen at this time said 'kernel_stack_inpage_error'
The system even viewer had the details for the error with a code for 'status_no_such_device' (00000077: c000000e), leading me to wonder if the hard drive was finally failing
The event viewer also showed other warnings (apparently for the dvd drive):
'error detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\D during a paging operation'
and 'system failed to flush data to transaction log, corruption may occur'

Running chkdsk tried to resolve some issues
'repairing usn journal file record segment' and 'replaced bad clusters in file'
But this did not fix the problem, and the system would shutdown during a virus scan

For a few more days, it continued to unexpectedly restart (with an error in the system log) or shut down (without any logged error)
Then it finally shuts off and won't turn back on (no post, no fans, nothing), causing me to wonder if the power supply has finally failed
No obvious power going to the mobo (leds)

To be continued...

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