Monday, August 15, 2011


My time playing games comes and goes.
Days playing Bad Company 2, Left 4 Dead, Wii have been few and far between.
Although the last few days I've been getting into Terraria a lot, it gifted to me.

At first, I only thought of it as a 2d version of Minecraft.
And it sort of is, but then again it's not.
A lot of time spent with a pickaxe collecting blocks or wood. Crafting.
But that's about all I did in Minecraft, explore and building stuff. Except for the random zombie multiplayers early on.
And I'm doing those in Terraria, but it also feels like more.
I do appreciate the 2d view and being able to see farther around me, especially handy with the many monsters I have to fight.

Lately played multiplayer, fighting Cthulhu and Eater of Worlds. I got a grappling hook, silver armor, demonite helmet/axe/sword/pick, green light saber, mana, magic mirror, quick boots, miner helmet. Lots of super helpful items.
I like that I can bring these between the single and multiplayer.
Then on the single player I fought a goblin army, found the old man, found two meteorite sites after him, mined most of one using some bombs, fought lots of meteor heads, lost my money from dying so many times (mostly falling), saw a star fall and destroy a zombie, had two more meteors fall (somewhere). Picked up a harpoon, vilethorn, bands of health/mana.

Tonite, as advised, I got the MoreTerra map viewer to create a map image of the my Terraria world. I found an island right above me, about 150 blocks up. There I got to watch zombies jump off, collect a little gold, and find a balloon to jump higher.

Anyway, in summary, it's better than I originally expected. I was hooked easily after some multiplayer and getting better items.