Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Spoilers, Audiobook

Plenty of TV spoilers going around for me lately,
and are apparently hard to avoid (from facebook and word of mouth).

I'm behind on both the Walking Dead and Fringe, so it was bound to happen, especially with big events (ie characters dying) which can't be kept secret.
For Fringe, since I did get caught up a little, I have to say I was still shocked to see it.

I started to watch season 3 of the Walking Dead season 3, but stopped after the first episode.
It's good, action packed, I like where the story is (at the prison),
but I realized I wanted to read the Governor books before seeing him on the show.

Currently I'm listening to the audiobook for Rise of the Governor, picked up from the library on 9 cds.
I'm also planning to read/listen to Road to Woodbury next.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Battlestar Returns

Glad to see the return of Battlestar, even as a web series.
I watch most of my content online, so it actually works out well.
Just watched the first episode of Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome on Machinima youtube.
I had to check it out after seeing the trailer.
Feels like going back to basics for me, with the cylon war, viper pilots, and CG space fights.
Adama was one of my favorites (because of Olmos) and its focused on him, joining the Battlestar ship for the first time.
Except for a few production quirks as others mentioned (distracting lens flares), I enjoyed it.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Space Adventures!

I just finished another Isaac Asimov book The Currents of Space,
Story of a man trying to remember who he is and the great danger he came to warn the planet about.
Another great space mystery, whodunit, with many characters playing detective.
Great visuals of a layered society with literal upper and lower classes, rich lavish city above in bright lights and peasants below in the shadows.

The follows up my previous read of Pebble in the Sky.
A man travels through time into the future, is subject to an experiment that gives him special mental powers, must adjust to a futuristic radioactive earth, must avoid being put to death for being too old, and also race the clock to save the galaxy!
Humanity has spread out across millions of planets and forgotten its origin, Earth, a poor isolated backwater planet with its population not even regarded as human anymore.

Both fun scifi stories from the library, I sure appreciate free reading.