Friday, October 5, 2012


I just finished the first episode of season one of Sherlock (BBC) on Netflix.
Great show, I enjoyed it. Sort of like a younger House and Wilson, if they always worked together and both loved to bend the rules.
Only bad thing so far is how few episodes I have left to watch (5).
I was going to check out Elementary (if only for former-Hacker Jonny Lee Miller), but after hearing reviews and seeing previews for this show, I had to watch.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lesser Known

Finished two comics (series) from the Library recently.
Villians United and JLA The Tornado's Path.

I really enjoyed both after getting into them, especially the focus on lesser known/under-appreciated heroes and villians, like Catman and the Red Tornado.
Between the two, there were tons of DC universe characters I was clueless on and had to look up.

How can you go wrong with villains fighting villains, redefined characters and comebacks, an android trying to be human, and a zombie to prove how fragile humans are? Plenty of action and brutal scenes.