Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Timelines and alternative universes

Another theme, especially with the latest season of Fringe.
What verse are we in again? blue, red, amber/yellow/gold? This show really likes to show different sides of the same characters.
I've been watching on Hulu, despite the week delay before episodes are available.
This has put me behind on the show and the podcasts.
At the moment, I'm loading up the last 3 podcasts, getting prepared to listen along with watching the last episode s04e04.
Being behind worked out well, I've avoided waiting during this 2 week break between episodes.

In a related note is the recent Community episode s03e04, Remedial Chaos Theory.
I really enjoyed this one, where the 6 different outcomes of a die roll are shown (and the 7th outcome of the original timeline).
And where the evil study group is created in the worst outcome, which I hope does make a return later (fake goatees and all). Which reminded me of Bizarro Sealab 2021 somehow.


Seems to be one theme I've been into lately.

I was gifted Darksiders on steam for my birthday and became obsessed with it until I finally finished it.
Horseman against demons and angels. I enjoyed the story.
The Portal-ness was okay (yes portals and puzzles) as were the Dune/Tremors worms.
But I mostly enjoyed the atmosphere, and taking out a ton of zombies.

I've also been reading a book from the library called Good Omens on the similar end of the world topic.
It's good, I'm about half way through. I don't quite get all the England references, but the humor makes me think Dogma (or what little I remember).
Actually the beginning of the book made me think it should be called "A Hitchhiker's Guide to the End Times".
Angel, demon, witch, son of satan, horsemen. All with a nice modern twist, not unlike...

Supernatural, if only I was still watching it as well (to complete this trifecta), but it's on hold at the moment. I still haven't had a change to finish the last season.