Sunday, November 3, 2013

Geek shirts

I've been searching for some new t-shirts, without spending too much money.
I found 6 dollar shirts but wasn't sure if it would be worth the money.
Sure they are cheap, but how would the quality be.
And I don't love all the designs on the site, only a handful really (Dr Who, techy).

After debating for a while, reading reviews, I went ahead and bought 5 medium shirts.
I was planning to buy 10 shirts for $50, but I was planning to pay with a $50 gift credit card and shipping put me over. So I ended up only being able to get 5 shirts, costing about $7.78 each with shipping. I did find a $10 off code, but it only ended up giving me $3 off for the number of shirts. 

I received them less than a week later. They are good quality and survived wash/dry. Only annoying thing is the tags bunch up after multiple washings, so just cut them off. The Heather color shirt is softer and feels a little bigger than the others (maybe because it's stretchier).
Altogether a good deal (especially mine were free).

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