Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Recieved my Penny Arcade usb drive in the mail from the Downloadable Content kickstarter.
It has a flexible rubber-feel cover with the PA DLC logo.
It's 8GB and a little over half filled with:
  • 40 mp3 from the DLC archives (2006-2009)
  • 2 albums from Paul and Storm (Do You Like Star Wars and Learning Town)
  • 1 album from MC Frontalot (Favoritism)
  • 20 mp3 of PAX Q&A from almost all
  • 1 PDF of Book 3 The Warsun Prophecies (circa 2002)
  • 9 sizes of the DLC wallpaper jpg
I think I'll be busy for a while absorbing all of this material.

I've already been keeping up with the new DLC podcasts.
After Google Reader shutdown, I moved over to Feedly and I've been following my usual list of xkcd, penny arcade, table titans, trenches, and blastr. I have a few others that I check occasionally like zero punctuation, lifehacker, and slashdot.

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