Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TV Sidenote

Enjoyed the s02e14 episode of Community with its DnD game, especially the evil Pierce. It was a much more free form game than I expected, but fun.

In a related note, haven't finished the latest DnD podcasts yet, but still watching lots of PATV, going through the latest season.

Still enjoying White Collar, now on season 2. But one thing I despise are the green screen clips for Elizabeth. They should have setup the plot to have her away, maybe only on phone calls, but instead there are these aweful looking and obviously staged clips. ugh.

After finally watching an episode of Supernatural after a long break, watching other shows, I really had missed it.

Saw some of the Social network the other day and remembered how much I like the soundtrack (of course since I'm a NIN fan), that I have it, and now I am listening to it again.


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  2. One of my favorite scenes from the movie. Love Trent's rendition of Hall of the Mountain King (and the tilt-shift cinematography)