Monday, April 11, 2011


I spent most of the weekend trying to setup a new dev environment.
This machine is already filled up enough and I'd rather not clutter it up more.
So the answer of course is... virtual machine!

But it wasn't a simple or short process.
I had VirtualBox installed previously, Innotek version.
And I found a ready Fedora image, since I've usually worked with Linux under RedHat/Fedora/CentOS.
But I decided to upgrade to a newer VirtualBox version.
I tried the latest Oracle 4.0.4 version but it failed to start.
So then I tried a Sun 1.6.6 version, this installed and started fine.
It did warn about upgrading my previous Innotek settings, apparently the reason the Oracle version failed to start. Only a warning, it then updated the settings and continued on.
But after several attempts at trying to add the guest additions, I found I couldn't use this version.
So I removed the old settings and went back to the Oracle version.
Success. I was also able to add the guest additions (despite the mixed/lack of great documentation).
I found this newer version (unlike the two Sun/Innotek previous) already had mouse integration, so I mainly needed the additions for the video support (larger view).
To add the additions I roughly did the following: yum update, yum install dkms gcc kernel-headers kernel-devel, reboot, mount additions iso, run linux additions.
The kernel-headers and kernel-devel will be for the latest kernel version, hence the reason for the update (especially the kernel to match).
Having the original OS image came in very handy, being easy to start the process over and over and over.

Now I continued on to install the minimal pieces I needed: Java, Maven, SVN.
For Java it was the Sun rpm download and install, for Maven it was just the download and env vars (java_home, m2_home, path in .bashrc), for SVN it was the package installer.
All different paths but all the same end, I could run from the command line.
But for another reason I wanted to use the Java plugin in Firefox, but luckily I was able to find reference to link the Sun in jre lib to in mozilla plugins.
In the end the original VM image grew by almost 2G with all these updates and installs.

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